Glorious Marital Bliss


Transforming lives, one person at a time.

Having a full understanding of your identity in any relationship, enables you to have a firm grasp of who you truly are; which in turn leads to a more fulfilled and happy life; this has the power to change the trajectory of your life and empower you to achieve desired goals.


The process I take the client through has the following outcomes:-

– Results in the formation of a partnership.

– Eliminate restrictive beliefs.

– Embrace life to its maximum potential.

– Enhanced confidence.

– Discovering love.

– Restoring your self-value.

– Reestablish connection with your spouse/team.

– Recovering from a breakup.

Why Marriage Coaching?

Marriage coaching is vital for fostering stronger and happier relationships. Our website offers expert guidance to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and deepen intimacy. Discover the transformative power of personalized coaching, providing the tools and support needed to build a lasting and fulfilling partnership. Invest in your love today for a more connected and harmonious tomorrow.

"Hi Glory! Firstly, I must say you are amazing! Of course, your course and stuff are making a huge difference! I can say I have moved up a level!!! The new energy to get things done and move forward is there for me. Sure, you are making impacts..."
Client - Nigeria

Who you believe you are, basically affects everything...

  • Marriage
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Your sense of purpose
  • Decisions you make
  • Belief in self
  • Your Dreams
  • Effect of others opinion on you
  • Level of joy

My Mission

This is one of the main reasons why I work as a Marriage/Relationship Coach;

My purpose is to help you have a healthy and fulfilled relationship. I will help you with a variety of real-life and practical approaches to improve your relationships.

Firstly, I will help you understand the importance of having a healthy family life. We will then move on to strategies required when responding to situations in your sphere of influence and how to communicate in a healthy way.

You will be equipped with tools required to resolve various types of conflict; family matters, difficult marriage & relationship dilemma.

You will be guided on building effective personal & professional relationships to ensure a healthy wellbeing emotionally, psychologically, mentally & spiritually.

As a Family & Relationship Life Coach, I have a system in place that takes my clients through a simple 3 months minimum process that enables you get the relationship you desire.


“To be honest, talking with you that day on the one to one coaching was a day to be remembered because I was at a crossroad which I needed someone to share my heart with and you really came and your advice on that day changed things for me thanks so much God will bless you with more wisdom and understanding in Jesus name Amen Shalom!!!.”

Bolanle Abosede Abidemi

Business Woman

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for our session on Monday. You have given me the motivation I need to change the way I deal with situations and look after myself. Look forward to our next session.”

Kerry Client