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Welcome to a space designed for singles who have dreamt of the beauty of marriage but find themselves on a delayed journey.

Are you a vibrant and accomplished individual with dreams of a loving marriage? You have excelled in your career, cultivated deep friendships, and embraced personal growth. Yet, as time passes, the longing for a life partner grows stronger. The journey to find the right match has been filled with challenges, and you occasionally grapple with doubt and impatience. You yearn for the connection and companionship that a loving marriage can offer.


Deep within, you envision a future filled with the warmth of a supportive partner. You dream of shared laughter, mutual growth, and unwavering companionship. You yearn for a marriage built on love, trust, and shared values – a partnership that enriches your life and fulfils every aspiration. You are determined to break through delays, align your path with the desire to build a love story that stands the test of time.

How I Can Help:

As a dedicated marriage coach, I am here to support and guide singles like you on their journey to embracing the beauty of marriage. With empathetic understanding and tailored strategies, I’ll empower you to navigate challenges, cultivate self-confidence, and prepare for a loving partnership. Together, we’ll transform delays into opportunities for growth and self-discovery, building a solid foundation for the fulfilling marriage you envision.

Are you ready to transition from delay to fulfilment, from uncertainty to a future of shared love and companionship? Let’s work together to rewrite your story and create a pathway to the marriage you’ve been dreaming of. Your journey to love and lasting happiness begins here. A coaching program for single individuals seeking love. This provides tools to build confidence and effectively communicate to find the right partner.The coaching program increases confidence and purpose, improving the chances of finding a compatible partner.


Are you a newlywed couple navigating the exhilarating journey of marriage, seeking to deepen your connection and build a love that stands the test of time? Are you noticing subtle shifts in your relationship; amidst demanding careers, setting up your new home, and the humdrum of everyday life?

In your heart of hearts, you both envision a marriage that radiates warmth, understanding, and unwavering support. You long for a relationship where communication flows with ease, where your shared dreams are nurtured, and where intimacy – both emotional and physical – flourishes.

How I Can Help:

As a dedicated marriage coach, I am here to guide you on your journey from where you are to where you want to be. With personalised strategies, empathetic guidance, and proven tools, I’ll empower you to rediscover the joy of communication, rekindle intimacy, and align your goals. Together, we’ll bridge the gap between your current situation and your desired transformation.

Are you ready to embark on a path to lasting love, profound connection, and fulfilment in your marriage? I’m here to support you every step of the way. Let’s create a roadmap to your dream relationship – one built on understanding, resilience, and enduring happiness. Your journey to a thriving marriage begins here.

Struggling Marriage

Welcome to a haven of hope for couples who are navigating the complexities of marriage and yearning for lasting happiness. Let me introduce you to the story of Mark and Lisa (Not real names), a portrayal of your current circumstances and the profound transformation you seek.

Mark and Lisa once reveled in the magic of love, but life’s challenges have created an emotional distance between them. Miscommunication, unresolved conflicts, and the demands of daily life have taken a toll on their relationship. The spark that once ignited their connection has dimmed, and they find themselves yearning for the happiness and closeness they once shared.

In their hearts, Mark and Lisa envision a future bathed in happiness, understanding, and renewed love. They long to rebuild the foundation of their relationship with effective communication, trust, and intimacy. They aspire to rekindle their emotional and physical connection, creating a marriage that weathers challenges and stands stronger with time. Their ultimate goal is a partnership marked by lasting happiness and a bond that’s unbreakable.

How I Can Help:

As a dedicated marriage coach, I am here to guide couples like Mark/Lisa & yourself, on the journey from struggle to genuine happiness.

Through personalised guidance, practical tools, and empathetic support, I’ll help you navigate conflicts, enhance communication, and rekindle the flame of intimacy. Together, we’ll bridge the gap between your current challenges and your desired vision of a thriving and harmonious marriage.

Are you ready to transform your relationship from a place of struggle to a realm of lasting happiness? Let’s work together to rewrite your story and reignite the love that brought you together. Your journey to a joyful and fulfilling marriage starts here.

Empty Nesters

Welcome to a sanctuary of renewal for empty nesters who are embarking on a new chapter in their lives. Allow me to introduce you to the story of David and Maria, a reflection of your current journey and the reconnection you long for.

David and Maria have spent years devoted to raising their children, and now, as the nest empties, they find themselves facing a new reality. The house is quieter, the routines have shifted, and the roles they’ve played as parents are evolving. Amidst these changes, they realise that the connection they once had as a couple needs rekindling. Conversations often revolve around practical matters, and the emotional intimacy they once shared seems distant.

In their hearts, David and Maria envision a future filled with a rekindled spark, shared adventures, and a love that’s stronger than ever. They long to reconnect as partners, reigniting the emotional and physical intimacy they cherished. They aspire to cultivate a relationship marked by open communication, a sense of adventure, and the joy of rediscovered companionship. Their ultimate goal is to embrace this new chapter with a renewed sense of love and unity.

How I Can Help:

As a dedicated marriage coach, I am here to guide empty nesters like David and Maria on their journey to reconnection and renewal. Through personalised strategies, open dialogue, and expert insights, I’ll help you navigate this transition with grace and intention. Together, we’ll transform the uncertainties of this phase into opportunities for deeper connection, reigniting the love that brought you together.Are you ready to embrace the empty nest phase as an opportunity for renewed love and companionship? Let’s work together to rewrite your story and create a future of joy, adventure, and rekindled connection. Your journey to a thriving and fulfilling relationship starts here.

Question Four
Can we choose our membership level, and what are the differences between bronze, silver, and gold?

Yes, you can select the membership level that best suits your needs. The bronze level offers foundational content, while silver provides more in-depth modules and bonuses. Gold, our premier package, includes exclusive access to all modules, personalized coaching, and ongoing support.

Question Five
Is the course suitable for couples in long-distance relationships or facing time zone differences?

Absolutely! Our online platform allows flexibility in learning, making it accessible to couples regardless of location or time zone. You can engage in the course at times that work best for both of you.

Question Six
What happens after we complete the course? Will we still have access to materials and the community?

After completing the course, you will have access to the course materials for the specified period only. Additionally, you can remain a part of the community to continue engaging with other couples and seeking support.

Finally, you can book sessions with me anytime.

Glory Olamide

Marriage/Relationship, Life Coach, Speaker & Author

Glory's Superpowers

As a relationship coach, I possess a unique set of skills and qualities that can help you build a stronger, healthier connection with your partner. My empathy and communication skills create a safe and supportive environment for you to share your thoughts and feelings. I have problem-solving abilities and patience, which means we can explore multiple solutions and take the time to make progress. With my deep knowledge of human behavior and relationships, I provide tailored guidance that is free from personal bias. I am here to support you on your journey towards a fulfilling and satisfying relationship. Let’s work together to unlock the “superpowers” of your relationship!

Match Making Info

Christian Match Making is a specialised form of matchmaking that focuses on connecting individuals within the Christian community who are seeking meaningful relationships, including friendships, dating, and marriage. It is designed to help Christians find like-minded partners who share similar values, beliefs, and faith.

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What my Clients are saying…


“Coach Glory supported & helped me in raising my head from my situation when I was down trodden, meeting you really helped me in getting my life back. I am now doing some courses to help me get back to work and also I am starting my own business. As a life coach, she checks on you and makes sure you are reaching your goals. I have also lost weight and still losing the pounds. People see me now and are impressed with how good I am looking.” My relationship issues are no longer getting me down.” – Shola


“I attended an event organised by Coach Glory and I was encouraged by the words spoken, especially the marriage part – Victoria”


“After having an hours session with Glory I now have a clearer sense of direction in what my calling is in life and how to share it with others. How to build what God has called me to do with confidence and clarity. Thank you Glory”


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for our session on Monday. You have given me the motivation I need to change the way I deal with situations and look after myself. Look forward to our next session”

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